We're bringing you the ultimate way to have impact, to innovate, expand, grow and love the work you do.

The way we work is changing. No longer will we sit in one place for years and years... and years with the small hope of achieving a glimmer of advancement. Future careerists are  going to have a whole range of varied jobs, challenging opportunities and  total career changes in creating unique professional journeys. 

We know that professionals like you want to find new ways to professionally develop, to be heard in the innovation conversation and to have IMPACT.

We all want to keep inspired and motivated and collaborate with the peeps that make a difference,  getting out from behind our desks and leap into the world.

LeapDesk allows you to grow through flexibility, agility and collaboration by providing a trusted, peer-driven platform to set up opportunities that will drive your own impact without needing to quit and give it all up.

Interested to hear more? Request an invite to be part of our launch. We're rolling out in various industries soon, working with amazing partners to offer awesome tools to all of us who are ready to grow, innovate, create impact and LEAP.


"once we rid ourselves of traditional thinking we can get on with creating the future"

James Bertrand

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